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Patient Testimonials

 "Coming from someone who had great reservations about chiropractic care but also someone who experienced headaches daily, one session has honestly been life altering!  After taking ibuprofen daily and having to have it wherever I go 'just in case', I've had about two headaches since my appointment a couple of months ago.  For anyone who gets headaches, I definitely recommend Dr. White.  It's such a relief!"

                                      - Ania D.

 "I have had hip flexor tendinitis and SI joint pain for over a year now.  I received two rounds of steroids and physical therapy with no relief.  After my first visit with Dr. White my pain was decreased significantly!  My mobility is also improving.  Dr. White and his staff are very personable and professional.  I highly recommend Discover Chiropractic Center!"

                                     - Ann B.